As a kitchen fitter, your customers may look to you for advice and guidance on the best choice of kitchen for their home, so keeping up with the latest kitchen trends and styles is advisable. With so many styles and designs to choose from the choice can be bewildering and homeowners may want advice on everything from which styles look good when installed to which tiles to choose.

To help you guide your customers, we have come up with six kitchen trends that we think every kitchen fitter should be aware of, check them out…


Smart tech storage

From smartphones to tablets, our kitchens are often the place we plug them into charge. A new trend your customers may be interested in is to install a tech drawer – a drawer in which devices can be plugged into charge, keeping them out of sight and leaving kitchen surfaces clutter free.



Most of us do our bit and recycle what we can, however this leaves many homes with a problem; what to do with the ever-growing pile of recycling? One solution is two bins, but this can look cluttered, so expect a growing trend to be for kitchens to have a built-in recycling solution.


It’s all about pink!

Thanks to the popularity of grey as a neutral wall colour, expect to see a new neutral hitting on-trend walls soon – pink! Surprisingly versatile, pale, warm pinks work wonderfully with other colours, including cream, green, blue and grey.


Filtered taps

While a good quality kitchen will always stand out, the right appliances and accessories can really complete the look. A statement sink and tap always look great and for those looking to add a little extra style, investing in a tap that offers hot, cold and filtered boiling or cold water is a sure way to do so.

Shrewsbury - Jewson Kitchen Showroom Tap


Tile trends

Tiles are a practical choice in the kitchen; easy to clean, hardwearing and waterproof, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Watch out for a trend to mix and match tiles to create an eclectic look. Mix vintage and geometric designs, in the same colour palette, for a bespoke look. The look works well with both traditional and shaker-style kitchens.


open plan

Not a new trend but certainly a trend that is still going strong,  with homeowners opting to create an open plan kitchen/ diner wherever possible. For those homes where this layout doesn’t work, look to create ways to ensure the flow from the kitchen to the dining room really works.

Godalming - Jewson Kitchen Laura Ashley


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